TC Investigative Services is based in El Dorado Hills, California. We have strong ties and connections throughout the state. We handle very basic cases to very complex cases. Regardless of the nature or case, we handle them in the same professional manner.

We pride ourselves as being a leader in the industry. We have access to a large field of highly trained, professional investigators from throughout the state. Most of our investigators are current or retired law enforcement professionals at the rank of Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Commander or Chief. All investigators have a minimum of twenty years of public service, a high level of education and training, maintain integrity and are professional. 

We use reliable, confidential database sources which are not available to the general public to access information. While there are no guarantees in the Private Investigation business, we strive to obtain favorable results. 

TC Investigative Services takes great pride in maintaining confidentiality in all investigations. We conduct investigations for public agencies, public figures, corporations, attorneys, businesses, families and individuals . If you are represented by an attorney, after the initial free consultation, we will correspond directly with your attorney. This provides a layer of protection known as attorney/client privilege.

The owner is a retired police Division Commander from a municipal police department in the bay area. He provided over thirty years of public service and retired in good standing. He had prior experience as a deputy sheriff in two counties, where he worked a variety of assignments at each agency. He worked a variety of assignments as an Officer, Sergeant, Lieutenant and retired at the rank of  Division Commander where he managed many areas. He has an extensive background teaching a variety of law enforcement related courses. He is recognized by the court as an expert in several areas of expertise. In addition to his experience, he sits on a State of California Motorcycle Safety Committee, and is an adjunct staff member of UC Berkeley. 

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